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  • Nigeria’s doctors furious over plans for five years of mandatory service

    MPs back new bill for medical graduates, designed to limit brain drain to countries including the UK and US
  • Zelenskiy uses G7 summit to reach beyond the west for support

  • Sudan’s warring factions sign agreement for seven-day ceasefire

  • Russian mercenaries behind slaughter of 500 in Mali village, UN report finds

  • ‘No one saw this level of devastation coming’: climate crisis worsens in Somalia

  • Kidnapped Australian Dr Ken Elliott released by al-Qaida in Africa after seven-year fight for freedom

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  • ‘I flew through the air’: Canadian cyclist recovering after collision with bear

    Kevin Milner was riding on trail north of Vancouver when black bear charged forward and sent him flipping over the handlebars
  • At least 12 people dead after crowd crush at football stadium in El Salvador

  • Ex-chief of Brazil’s Indigenous agency charged over murders of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

  • Indigenous nation in US seeks to block billion-dollar port project in Canada

  • Colombian elite backed death squads, former paramilitary commander says

  • Trudeau’s wide-stance pose with Korean politician splits critics

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  • US and Papua New Guinea sign pact amid Pacific militarisation concerns

    Concerns security deal could leave Papua New Guinea stuck between an increasingly hostile US and China
  • New Zealand loses fight with Australia over mānuka honey trademark

  • New Zealand announces its biggest emissions reduction project in history

  • China poses biggest threat to global security, says Sunak

  • Ukraine ceasefire not enough without ‘just and durable’ peace, says Sunak

  • Surge in strikes at Chinese factories after Covid rules end

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  • Mental health crises linked to almost half of all deaths or serious injuries in NSW police operations

    Law Enforcement Conduct Commission reveals details of 157 ‘critical incident’ investigations
  • MP speaks out against voice claims – as it happened

  • ABC news chief regrets not defending Stan Grant earlier amid racist attacks

  • Linda Burney blasts Peter Dutton for spreading ‘misinformation’ on Indigenous voice

  • Julian Assange’s life ‘in hands of Australian government’, wife Stella says

  • Michelle Rowland warns ‘status quo isn’t good enough’ on gambling advertising

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  • Facebook fined €1.2bn for mishandling user information

    Penalty from Ireland’s privacy regulator is a record for breach of EU data protection regulation
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    Russia-Ukraine war live: Bakhmut remains ‘epicentre’ of combat, Ukraine says; Brazil’s Lula ‘upset’ not to meet Zelenskiy at G7

  • Demolition of shantytown on French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte begins

  • Paralysed Swedish woman in London cannot return home due to bureaucracy

  • Greek centre-right party falls short of majority in general election

  • Russia-Ukraine war: Zelenskiy says Bakhmut ‘is not occupied’; Russia accuses G7 of ‘undermining global stability’ — as it happened

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  • Far-right minister says Israel ‘in charge’ on visit to Jerusalem holy site

    Comments by Itamar Ben-Gvir draw condemnation from Palestinians amid escalating tensions
  • Iran executes three men accused over anti-government protests

  • Bashar al-Assad tells Arab League he hopes his return marks new era of peace

  • Israeli nationalists chant racist slogans on march through Jerusalem

  • Syria’s Assad to attend Arab League summit as west opposes rehabilitation

  • ‘The city was underwater’: quarter of a million Somalis flee flooded homes

  • Indian court issues BBC with summons over Modi documentary, say reports

    Documentary questioned Indian prime minister’s leadership during 2002 Gujarat riots
  • Jennifer Lawrence brings documentary about Afghan women to Cannes

  • Australia, India, Japan and US take thinly veiled swipe at China

  • Imran Khan alleges ‘reign of terror’ as supporters face trial in military courts

  • UN denied access to Rohingya refugee camps after Cyclone Mocha

  • Imran Khan and Lahore police remain in tense standoff

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    Suella Braverman did breach ministerial code says former top civil servant – UK politics live

    Philip Rycroft says speeding row shows ‘real lapse of judgment’ as pressure grows for PM to launch ethics inquiry
  • Automated UK welfare system needs more human contact, ministers warned

  • Hunt reprimanded over wrongly implying UK public debt forecast to fall

  • Postal desert island: Mull’s residents cut off from civilisation by Royal Mail

  • Scapa Flow Museum showing Orkney island’s wartime role up for top prize

  • UK government sells £1.26bn of NatWest shares

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  • First Thing: US debt ceiling talks ‘productive’ as Biden and McCarthy to meet

    Sunday night phone call between president and Republican House speaker reported to have struck a more positive tone. Plus, how solar farms took over the California desert
  • Couple who helped Koreans stranded in US blizzard feted as heroes in Seoul

  • Foo Fighters announce Josh Freese as new drummer after Taylor Hawkins’ death

  • US debt ceiling talks ‘productive’ as Biden and McCarthy to meet 10 days from deadline

  • Minneapolis to pay $700,000 to family of man killed by police

  • FBI investigating shooting death of Native man by border patrol in Arizona

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