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  • US and Papua New Guinea sign pact amid Pacific militarisation concerns

  • Indian court issues BBC with summons over Modi documentary, say reports

    Documentary questioned Indian prime minister’s leadership during 2002 Gujarat riots
  • Comedian Uncle Roger has social media accounts suspended in China

    Suspension of standup comedian, otherwise known as Nigel Ng, came after he posted a video making fun of the country’s authoritarian government
  • China hits back at G7 nations, accusing them of ‘smears’ and ‘slander’

  • Australian climber Jason Kennison dies on Mount Everest while returning from summit

  • Zelenskiy uses G7 summit to reach beyond the west for support

  • China’s war chest: how the fight for semiconductors reveals the outlines of a future conflict

  • ‘We in the west were blinded’: China crackdown on business has Maoist roots

  • China poses biggest threat to global security, says Sunak

  • Ukraine ceasefire not enough without ‘just and durable’ peace, says Sunak

  • New Zealand
    New Zealand loses fight with Australia over mānuka honey trademark

    • New Zealand
      New Zealand announces its biggest emissions reduction project in history

    • China
      Surge in strikes at Chinese factories after Covid rules end

    • Japan
      Japan and South Korea leaders mend fences in visit to Hiroshima memorial

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  • Cannes 2023
    Jennifer Lawrence brings documentary about Afghan women to Cannes

  • Opinion
    The Guardian view on Pakistan’s army: go back to the barracks

  • India
    Narendra Modi in Australia: a polarising leader meets a divided Indian diaspora

  • China
    Australia, India, Japan and US take thinly veiled swipe at China

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Pictures & video

  • Justin Trudeau’s greetings: from 'manner legs' to the three-way handshake – video



  • G7 leaders lay wreaths and plant trees at Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima – video



    At ceremony opening summit in Japan, leaders lay wreaths and visit museum commemorating 1945 US attack
  • Why China just can't quit Hollywood – video



    At a time when the China and the US's political relationship has grown ever more rancorous, China is opening the door to US blockbusters once again. Why is China's film industry so dependent on Hollywood?
  • Imran Khan: who is the man dividing Pakistan? – video explainer



  • Imran Khan supporters celebrate after Pakistani court grants bail – video



  • Hundreds detained in Pakistan protests after Imran Khan's arrest – video



  • Imran Khan supporters protest in Pakistan after former PM arrested – video report



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