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  • A Way Home review – Alzheimer’s and immigration in portrait of a disappearing past

    Karima Saïdi’s documentary movingly tries to shore up memories from her mother’s life, but the ethics of the process are uneasy
  • Unclenching the Fists review – claustrophobic drama full of trauma and tenderness

  • Cannes 2023
    Firebrand review – Jude Law’s obese and oozy Henry VIII rules supreme in Catherine Parr drama

  • Cannes 2023
    Eureka review – booze, bird souls and Viggo Mortensen in barmy yet rich experimental enigma

  • Cannes 2023
    Anatomy of a Fall review – Sandra Hüller compels as an author accused of her husband’s murder

  • Scorsese and De Niro reunite at Cannes for Killers of the Flower Moon

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  • White Men Can’t Jump review – comedy remake fumbles the shot

  • Fast X review – stupidly entertaining sequel offers more of the same

  • Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret review – Judy Blume’s classic pre-teen tale retold

  • Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV review – the adventures of a multimedia maverick

  • The Other Fellow review – whimsical film about non-famous James Bonds

  • Little Bone Lodge review – Joely Richardson is scarily fierce in tense thriller

  • Under the Fig Trees review – beguiling battle of the sexes in Tunisian fields

  • Re:cycle of the Penguindrum review – ravishing anime with magic hat and dominatrix

  • Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me review – sympathetic retelling of a tragic life

  • Restart the Earth review – Chinese sci-fi is pacy plant-based apocalypse

  • Butterfly Vision review – grim drama about Ukrainian prisoners of the Donbas war

  • Beau Is Afraid review – Ari Aster sends Joaquin Phoenix on an odyssey to nowhere

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  • Nazis and normality: UK directors unsettle Cannes with films tackling ‘unseen’ evil

    • ‘The welcome is unimaginable’: Harrison Ford reduced to tears in Cannes over Indiana Jones’s return

    • Sean Penn says failing to resist rise in AI screenwriting is a ‘human obscenity’

    • Disney cancels plans for $1bn campus in Florida amid battle with DeSantis

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What to watch

  • Harrison Ford’s 20 best performances – ranked!

  • All Vin Diesel’s film performances – ranked!

    As Groot returns to screens and Fast & Furious hits its 10th instalment, we celebrate an actor who unfailingly delivers a masterclass in badass
  • ‘What makes you angry?’ How we made Three Colours: Red

    A snooping judge, a dog smacked by a car, a model in crisis … the creators of the final film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s classic trilogy, inspired by the ideals of the French revolution, look back
  • Jack Nicholson’s 20 best performances – ranked!

  • Ginger Rogers’ 20 best performances – ranked!

  • Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life at 40: timeless sketch comedy brilliance

  • Don’t look down: 100 years of Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last!

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  • Ghosted is not romantic – it’s a walking red flag

    Jess Bacon
  • Tracking down and snapping retired stars is a gross and uneasy trend

    Stuart Heritage
  • Jude Law’s Henry VIII, Alicia Vikander’s Catherine Parr – and Johnny Depp as Louis XV: Cannes again lays on a king’s banquet

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Today’s ‘films’ are nothing of the sort – so stop calling them that

    John Boorman
  • Quentin Tarantino’s next film is about a film critic. Should I be scared?

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once owes its smashing Oscars victory to its amazing resonance

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Michael Caine might not like it, but Zulu shows cinema’s power to rewrite history

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Chaim Topol: the Fiddler on the Roof star showed Jews their origin story

    Siam Goorwich
  • The Whale is not a masterpiece – it’s a joyless, harmful fantasy of fat squalor

    Lindy West
  • Woody Harrelson’s new film means well – but disabled people are more than mascots

    Cathy Reay
  • Sorry, Seth Rogen: good film reviews wouldn’t mean much if bad ones weren’t allowed

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Scientists have named a new range of antimicrobials after Keanu Reeves. Here’s why that’s a mistake

    Stuart Heritage
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  • Actor Michael Socha: ‘Did I fall in with the wrong people? No, I was the wrong people’

  • Melissa McCarthy: ‘I spend a lot of my work shredding people’

    Actor Melissa McCarthy on winding up Trump, using ‘humour as healthcare’ and why she’s had enough of Hollywood’s ‘screamers and egos’
  • Actor Lucas Hedges: ‘I love nostalgia, so walking around England is another level’

    The American star of Manchester By the Sea on making his West End debut in the world premiere of Brokeback Mountain, escaping tragic film roles, and nepo babies
  • ‘I think we have inherent biases’: Marchánt Davis on playing a ‘white guy with a beer belly’ in Reality

  • ‘It was apocalyptic’: Tim Richards of Vue on cinema’s collapse and comeback

  • ‘I’d tell myself: you’re a loser, a failure, ugly …’ Matilda’s Mara Wilson on the price of fame

  • ‘I’m pleased as pie!’: Jason Sudeikis on Ted Lasso – and lessons in kindness


  • Mark Kermode's film of the week
    Beau Is Afraid review – Ari Aster’s patience-testing shaggy dog story

  • Streaming and DVDs
    Streaming: Cocaine Bear and the best ‘so bad they’re good’ films

  • Week in geek
    Is The Creator the first (or last) in a new wave of sci-fi movies about AI?

  • Steve Rose on film
    Why the heavily criticised digital revolution has been good for cinema

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You may have missed

  • ‘Kafka-esque nightmare’: what many women face when reporting rape

  • ‘She was a hustler’: the fascinating true story of Anna Nicole Smith

    The actor and model lived a life of much-publicized excess but a new Netflix documentary provides a more rounded idea of who she really was
  • The secret of Liam Neeson’s success: a monomaniacal fixation on … tea?

    Stuart Heritage
    The perma-frowning Taken star has revealed that he will only consider a script worthwhile if it manages to stop him thinking about his next cuppa. How do you live like this?
  • Passed Away: will Tom Hanks be making films long after he’s dead?

  • Please stop using AI to make Wes Anderson parodies

    Stuart Heritage
  • Robert De Niro has had his seventh child aged 79. Does that explain the bagel adverts?

    Stuart Heritage
  • Will The Little Mermaid be the most horrifying film since Cats?

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Film genres

  • Action
    Fast X review – more overcranked nonsense with Vin Diesel and co

  • Animation
    The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey: ‘As a child, seeing a black Ariel would have changed my life’

  • Crime
    The Delinquents review – beguilingly surreal slow-motion Buenos Aires heist tale

  • Drama
    Unclenching the Fists review – claustrophobic drama full of trauma and tenderness

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