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  • Reviewed
    The 2023 International Booker prize shortlist

    A cautionary Bulgarian tale of nostalgia, an anarchic story set in South Korea and two novels exploring motherhood are among this year’s contenders
  • Museums
    Scapa Flow Museum showing Orkney island’s wartime role up for top prize

    UK museum of the year award has shortlist of five showing ‘astonishing ambition and boundless creativity’
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Staying in

  • What's on tonight
    TV tonight: Suranne Jones stars in new family drama about secrets and double lives

  • Best podcasts of the week
    How one woman raised $100,000 for cancer treatment she never needed

  • Books
    Top 10 strangest alien invasion novels

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  • Music
    Foo Fighters announce Josh Freese as new drummer after Taylor Hawkins’ death

    Freese, who previously played at tribute concerts for Hawkins, was announced as the new drummer in a cameo-filled, tongue-in-cheek livestream
  • TV
    Guy Pearce confirms he will appear in Neighbours revival

  • Cannes 2023
    Jennifer Lawrence brings documentary about Afghan women to Cannes

    • Martin Amis
      Era-defining British novelist dies aged 73

    • Cannes 2023
      ‘Obsessed people make the best stories’: magazine journalist is Hollywood’s hot new thing

    • Books
      Nobel winners demand release of Belarusian peace laureate Ales Bialiatski

    • Pete Brown
      Countercultural poet, singer and Cream lyricist, dies aged 82

    • Art theft
      Fears looted Nazi art still hanging in European galleries

    • BBC
      Eric Gill statue at Broadcasting House attacked with hammer

  • Film
    A Way Home – immigration and Alzheimer’s in portrait of a disappearing past

  • Theatre
    The Second Woman – Ruth Wilson’s spellbinding theatrical marathon

    Over 24 hours, the star offers variations on the same scene with 100 different partners, including some famous faces – and the result is astonishing
  • Books
    Fancy Bear Goes Phishing by Scott Shapiro – a gripping study of five extraordinary hacks

    A professor of law who’s a computer geek carves an undaunted path through the conceptual and technical undergrowth in this illuminating tour of cyberspace’s dark side
  • Film
    Unclenching the Fists – claustrophobic drama full of trauma and tenderness

  • TV
    Ithaka: The Fight to Free Assange – there’s no better show about the WikiLeaks founder’s battle

  • TV
    Depp v Heard – Amber and Johnny make for profoundly depressing television

  • Cannes 2023
    Eureka – booze, bird souls and Viggo Mortensen in barmy yet rich experimental enigma

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Pictures & video

  • The big picture
    Bud Lee captures the 1967 Newark riots

    The American photographer’s stark images of the clashes in New Jersey and their aftermath kicked off a nationwide debate about police violence
  • The water’s lovely
    Art that celebrates bathing – in pictures

  • Andy Rourke
    His life in pictures

    • The 1967 Newark riots
      Where there is oppression, there is resistance

    • Take it to church
      Inside a dwindling service

    • ‘What do we need to feel safe?’
      Lives affected by homelessness

    • Shore thing
      The unique landscape of Lake Erie

    • Wayne McGregor’s UniVerse
      A Dark Crystal Odyssey

    • Human skulls and grass bums
      Pioneering female photographers

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  • Turbocharge philanthropy, conga to Beethoven, ditch the ukeleles
    10 ways to save classical music

    After cuts by Arts Council England and the BBC, Simon Rattle says UK opera houses and orchestras have never faced greater peril. How can they fight back? Top musicians outline their battle plans
  • Medea in mid-air
    How Syracuse’s Greek theatre keeps the classics alive

  • 'Is this really going to work?'
    The makers of mega-hit video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

  • Shiv’s on fire!
    Why Siobhan Roy is Succession’s greatest character

  • From rampaging teens to female assassins
    Why has East German culture become so cool?

  • Lemmings meets Koyaanisqatsi
    Humanity, the dream-like puzzle game that inspires delight and unease

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